Designing products that you will enjoy and make use of is of the utmost importance. That’s why all of my products are designed live on our Twitch stream (I also play games, that’s just a bonus). If you want to have input on something you’d like to see make sure to go give us a follow.

In September of 2022 I dove down a rabbit hole, but my addiction to 3D printing and functional product design started long before. I started 3D printing in January of 2016. Since then I’ve accumulated a plethora of different 3D Printers and am always looking for something new to come up with. Over the years I’ve designed tools for myself. What you will find here is a collection of just some of the items, but the big time items for me are the custom keyboards. All of them are available in 3D Printed form (which is how I’m currently using them) but some of the renders may be in other materials. I am working with a manufacturer to hopefully be able to offer items that I currently cannot make myself such as CNC aluminum and CNC polycarbonate.

Want to see what we offer?