A 60% Worthy of RGB

60% EVA-01

I know t his is late, but I’ve spent the better part of 2 months testing this new build. I originally designed this to be CNC machined out of Polycarbonate but wasn’t happy with a lot of the pricing available out there (If anyone has a manufacturer that can help with reasonable pricing on polycarbonate please let me know!) I present you the VaeMODs 60% based on the KBDFans DZ60 RGB Hot Swap. I’ve now printed this housing in 3 different color variants, with 2 of them fully built up.

Polycarbonate Render 60%
60% Keyboard Housing rendered in Polycarbonate

This build sandwiches a custom plate between a top and bottom frame and has base supports to sandwich the PCB against. Foam can be used both on the case and the between the PCB and plate. It is designed for screw in stabilizers but can handle plate mounted.

I’ve fallen in love with this form factor and have more of this form factor coming up soon! This one is customized with a cutout for my name in the back, but can be customized for whatever text you want. It also has a cutout on the bottom with screw holes for mounting a CNC weight if interested.

As you can see, with 3 layers the color combinations are endless. If you are interested in this design, please don’t hesitate to send me a DM on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vaemods

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